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Madison Centre
505 Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Madison Centre isdowntownSeattle’s newest high rise. The heart andsoul of the36 story toweris thelodge-likeLobby and massive Rotunda which includea two story stone fireplace and greenwall.Designed with nature in mind, the Lobbyand Rotunda includeonly two types of stone. One aMinnesota granitehand selected from quarryboulderremnantsand the other,a basalt used in fivedifferent finishes for flooring, walls, benches, pavers, and a floating spiral staircase.The enormous granite boulders were used at the fireplace hearth and surround.The weight of thesepieces necessitated specialty equipment and crawler cranes to lift the stones to the ceiling highinstallation.The intention with the basalt, was to use one stone in numerous installations methods and finishes. Itwas used at the split face chimney, split face garden wall, split face radius benches, cobble stone pavers,a large format floor pattern that includes honed, flamed and polished, honed headers and jambs atelevator lobbies and honed treads and risers at the spiral stair case connecting the lower entry to theRotunda

The following areas received the customized stone:

Chinese Black Basalt:

Sourced directly by stone contractor.
-Lobby Floor Pattern: Honed, flamed and polished in 2cm thickness
-Spiral Staircase: Honed in 3cm thickness
-Handrail Border: Honed in 2cm thickness
-Green Wall: Split face pieces 4”thickness.
-Fireplacechimney: Split face pieces 6”thickness
-Elevator lobby headers and jamb: Honed in 2cm thickness
-Exterior Radius Benches: Split face dimensional blocks
-Exterior Pavers: 2” x 2” x 4” Cobblestones
-Water Feature Interior: Honed 2cm


Sourced from Coldspring Granite.

-FireplaceHearth & Surround: Boulders in natural/splitfinish

The boulders for the fireplace were selected from quarry remnants that are not typically used in day today fabrication.




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