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Fairweather Masonry is a unique business that specializes in designing and producing custom mosaic artwork. We offer high-quality mosaic art pieces that are made-to-order and tailored to our clients' individual needs and tastes. Our expertise and experience in crafting mosaic artworks are unparalleled in the industry, allowing us to produce distinctive pieces that enhance and complement any home décor. Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of materials and designs, allowing us to provide them with a custom artwork that will be both stylish and timeless. We offer competitive prices, and we have the capability to deliver our pieces within a reasonable amount of time.

Mosaic artwork is a growing trend among home decorators, interior designers and décor enthusiasts. The demand for unique mosaics with unique designs, patterns and colors continues to rise as more people realize the potential and beauty of mosaics. We will create and deliver these works to all kinds of customers, ranging from individuals to restaurants, hotels and galleries. Our target audience will be customers who value timeless, high-quality artisan works, and who are willing to pay a premium for unique pieces that are tailored to their needs and tastes. 

We will compete with existing mosaic companies and art galleries, as well as with do-it-yourself kits that are available in stores. Our advantage lies in our experience and expertise in crafting mosaics, allowing us to produce pieces with superior quality and a wide range of colors and designs. Furthermore, we have the ability to deliver our products within a reasonable amount of time and at competitive prices.