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At Fairweather Masonry, we take construction safety seriously. We believe that excellence in masonry construction requires the recruitment, training, and retention of the industry's experts in the field. That's why providing a safe and secure workplace is vital to the safety of our employees. We hire only the best in the industry, making sure they are competent to conduct their work in such a way that will ensure the health and safety of themselves as well as others on the job site.

We conduct thorough safety training to ensure that technical certifications are in place for hazardous activities, such as scaffold and forklift operations. Managers, foremen, and other key personnel also receive comprehensive OSHA 30-Hour safety training. Before they can begin work, they must have a solid, well-rounded approach to general construction safety and health issues. 

Our rigorous safety standards for our employees exceed OSHA requirements. We require mandatory scaffolding kick boards;  independent outboard, material landing platforms for scaffold, frames are double planked.

PPE -requirements  include cut-proof gloves, state of the art hiking/buckle clip hard hats, with attached safety visers.  

We perform safety audits - every month for every project -through our full time safety consultant who is dedicated to field safety.

Every employee is OSHA 30 certified.





Site-specific safety planning takes place in the very early stages of masonry project management to ensure that safety considerations are built in the project's operations. Worksite safety objectives are just as important as business objectives, which is why we incorporate safety goals into employee performance reviews and our strategic business operations.

Fairweather Masonry always focuses on continuously improving every aspect of our work, both in quality and safety. Regular site inspections are conducted with the resulting feedback shared directly with those involved. Additionally, we commit the following resources to ensure a safe workplace:

  • Corporate Safety Director
  • Independent Safety Consultant
  • Comprehensive Safety & Health Plan
  • Continuous Improvement in Safe Work Practices
  • Safety Partnerships with General Contractors
  • OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training Program